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American scientists

American scientists have developed a super computer that is supposed to know everything! A prospective customer wants to buy it, of course, try before you buy and is a test question: "Where is my brother at the time," he wants to know from the computer.
The scientists give us the question and then he expects the computer prints out: "My brother is sitting in the machine LH474 to Beijing where he wants to conclude a contract with the company Osuhushi of 2 million dollars over the supply of ...! "
The buyer was impressed but still wanted to have a test and asks: "Where is my father at the time" Again, the computer calculates and prints out: "My father sits on the Mississippi and fishes!" "Haa!" cries the buyer: "Did ego but that he does not know everything my father has been dead for five years!"
The scientists are dismayed, and then consider the issue again for a check.
The computer calculates and prints more: "Dead is the husband of her mother, your father sits on the Mississippi and fishes!"
Date : 26/01/2012
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