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elementary school

President George Bush is visiting an elementary school. The class which he has visited on the middle of a discussion, words and their meanings. The teacher invites the President to lead the discussion on "tragedy". Bush so ask the class for an example of the word "tragedy". One little boy stands up and says. "If my best friend is playing on the street and a car runs over him, that would be a tragedy." "No," replied Bush, "that would be an ACCIDENT." A little girl raises her hand: "If a school bus plunges down a cliff and with 50 children all perish here, that would be a tragedy" "No, I am sorry," said the President. "That would be a great loss." The room is quiet. No other child dares to say something. Bush looks around the room. "Can not call me an example?" Finally, the back of the room raises his hand a little boy. In a quiet voice he says, "If the Air Force One, with the President on board by a terrorist like Osama bin Laden would be shot down with missiles, it would be a tragedy," "Fantastic," said Bush, "that is correct. And can you also tell me WHY that would be a tragedy? " "Well," replied the boy, "as it were no accident and certainly no great loss."
Date : 07/02/2012
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