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PC for seniors

A computer manufacturer will soon get a PC for seniors on the market. The Top Ten signs that you are sitting straight in front of a PC for Seniors:
10th Will you save a file, a Word automatically offers "testament.doc" to
9th The 42 inch monitor (for good vision)
8th You can not shoot the grouse, but they must feed or strei.cheln
7th The boxes are already set at the factory at full volume
6th In Minesweeper, you can choose between the scenarios, "Stalingrad" and "Normandy"
5th For a small extra charge, there is the Lifetime Warranty
4th The default home page is www.volksmusik.de
Third The force-feedback mouse contains components that automatically compensate for Parkinsons disease and there on the keyboard is peculiar double-click button
Second No long-term rates accepted
and the # 1 sign that you are sitting straight in front of a PC for Seniors:
If longer than 15 minutes if no button is pressed, automatically comes to the emergency physician.
Date : 29/01/2012
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