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A repairman at Darty going into an apartment to fix a TV. It is a rather sexy housewife who opens the door and showed him the TV to be repaired in the lounge.
The young woman is so enticing that he can not leave his body and eyes when she goes near him and suddenly, the tour takes a while ... Somehow, he ended up repairing the device, and then he gives the bill to the lady. As she writes the check, she said:
- I will ask you something ... say something unusual. It is pretty embarrassing and before, I want you to promise me to keep it secret.
At the height of excitement, the repairman said that he agrees, and the woman continued:
- My husband is a good person (sigh) but it suffers from some physical disability you see ...
While you, you are a man that seems well built and sturdy ... and I for my part, I am a woman rather than voluntary.
The Dartyman responds by blushing
- Oh yes it!
- And since you came in, I think ...
The guy, super hot:
- I have to say me too!
The woman, astonished:
- Really? You guessed that I wanted to move the refrigerator?
Date : 29/12/2011
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